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Our Mission:

Enable companies to develop foreign market competence, sales resources and personal connections to realize their potential abroad.

Laonei Global made all the difference between just interacting with business and people in China versus understanding and being successful in China. Their
knowledge and experience were invaluable to helping us achieve successful results that are sustainable over time, not just cutting costs or meeting a deadline. They can not only open doors in China through vast networks in Asia, but can also help companies walk through that door and into a whole new world.
— Global Products VP , Global Healthcare Company

Laonei (like -ow in out, nay) are cultural insiders who possess cultural intelligence skills, business ally networks and global trade resources to master and manage foreign markets.

  • 8 years boots-on-the ground experience in China: Strong business provider network.
  • In-depth industry knowledge and relationships with trade associations, organizations, media and local government.
  • Proven success in medical equipment (rehab), industrial equipment (lubricants, machining), food and beverage, home appliances.