Below are market consulting services Laonei Global and partners have carried out with previous clients.  

Market Research & Investigation

Remove trade barriers between you and your potential market. These services give you a clear picture of your industry market dynamics, including sales & marketing channel opportunities and challenges, fresh competitive analysis, annual trade show calendar and various forms of media, including electronic and print. 

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  • Market analysis (data sources, on-the-ground research)
  • Marketing channel strategy and implementation
  • Wholesaler/distributor/retailer search/vetting/connection
  • Sales funnel creation/implementation
  • Trade show walk/attendance (booth design, promotion)


COMPANY/brand establishment

Foreign market entry options are serious investments in time and money, meaning they must be done the right way. Protecting your brand is first and foremost. Second, but equally important, is selecting the right establishment and business service providers who can help set up and grow in a timely fashion.  

  • China entity (WFOE-FICE) registration and setup
  • Business service partner introduction and selection 
  • Company name/trademark/Chinese name registration
  • Local China HR assistance (selection/vetting)
  • Agents/Importer/Distributor vetting/selection



The number of Chinese online, along with mobile users and social media users, is more than 700 million and growing. A digital presence on various media platforms is vital to create brand awareness, promote your goods and services and make a portion of your sales. 

  • Online Chinese marketplace selection and setup
  • Importer/wholesaler/distributor management
  • Digital marketing design/assistance
  • WeChat/Weibo/social media design/assistance
  • Online sales promotion and execution



Selling foreign brands and products is becoming easier in China, but still requires a thorough consideration of product positioning, pricing and sometimes product modification. Think localization: the Chinese market has unique attributes that must be attended to.

  • Registration (by industry)
  • Price positioning
  • Localized product design/packaging
  • Chinese manual/marketing material translation/design
  • Localized China branding



Chinese culture values attractive packaging and aesthetic design. Eye-catching office space, retail spaces and trade show booths can be well-designed for much less than other global markets.  

  • Company Office
  • Retail Shop (Stand-alone, Shopping Mall)
  • Re-Seller/Distributor Product Point of Sale (POS) Design
  • Trade Show Design/Setup




You can't be everything to everyone. However, Laonei Global and partners can either carry out or suggest other service providers, who can help with other global trade needs and requirements.

  • Contract/OEM manufacturing opportunities
  • Translation/interpretation
  • Executive cross-cultural training/China trip planning and assistance


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