Here's a sampling of the projects Laonei Global and partners have completed since 2009.

sales & Marketing

China Market Business Development – On numerous occasions, conducted potential supplier/business partner visits and investigations; reviewed draft agreements, terms and presentation materials. Assessed product pricing and positioning, branding strategies and market competitors. Recommended strategy options to market.

China Market Entry – US niche market manufacturer courted by Chinese technology company wanted to assess potential cooperation. Served as go-between, assisted distribution agreement creation, product registration and arranged/managed US international sales team China visits.

China Sales & Marketing Setup – US operations assumed control over China distribution network after relying on global importer/distributor model. Advised and implemented plan to reassess China market, build core sales and marketing team, raise brand awareness through online and offline channels and grow regional customer base.

"I worked with Laonei Global for over 2 years on the business development within China. Their knowledge and understanding of the business, government and regulatory environment in China, as well as in the US has enabled us to grow at a strong and sustainable pace." 

Asia PAC VP, Global Healthcare company



China Key Cities Retail Shop – Designed/created foreign brand retail image with Chinese localization branding strategy in key cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Scalable as needed for regional differences and tastes.

Point of Sale Design – Designed/created point of sale design kiosks to promote foreign brand product in retail shops around China. Includes tangible product display, multimedia display, and supporting printable marketing materials.

Trade Show Design – Designed/created both large-scale and small-scale trade show booths/kiosks that incorporated foreign brand image with Chinese localization branding strategy.

"Laonei and partners took our global company's brand, with multiple sub-brands, and created a crisp, clean and localized design plan for our Chinese marketing materials, trade shows and point of sale kiosks. We even incorporated the design guidelines for other foreign markets."

global marketing director, consumer products company


company setup

Legal Entity Setup/Transition - Advisor to China Project Team for a U.S. manufacturer developing and transitioning to a WFOE FICE, including Shanghai commercial office setup.

Joint Venture - Assisted U.S. industrial manufacturer in negotiation, acquisition and transition of $1 million Chinese joint venture, including pre and post sale staff integration and training, mid-level management hiring and reorganization.

“Laonei Global was very helpful in bridging the gap of a variety of potential misconceptions.  Differences in culture and local business practices can be major obstacles in completing international transactions.  However, they were able to clearly communicate the intent and understanding of each party so that these obstacles didn’t become insurmountable.”



supply chain/sourcing

China Supply Chain & Master Distributor Services -  Assisted company to register products with China FDA and promote nationwide brand awareness, sales growth and after sales service.

China Sourcing Search - US E-Commerce platform looking for foreign OEM pricing advantage for various product categories. Managed China sourcing team to find, quality and connect with potential sourcing partners.   

"We were recommended to Laonei Global to assist us create a long-term China sourcing program to maintain our competitive advantage. Laonei and their China partners helped us better understand our options and choose the best vendors to move forward with. It's imperative to have people continuously on your side who keep up with trends, especially when working in China." 

 purchasing director, power distribution manufacturer 

 Wuhan CMEF Medical Trade Show 2015

Wuhan CMEF Medical Trade Show 2015